Valour Strike Boxing Focus Pads MMA ★ Hook & Jab Mitts Sparring Punch Bag Strike Pad ★ Suitable for : Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Exercise, Boxercise, Karate, Taekwondo, Martial Arts

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🦅V-IMPACT MULTI LAYERED STRIKE WAVE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM: Allows the pad to absorb and dispense the strike force over a larger area and through the layers, ensuring maximum control by the pad person. The main section of the pad is then topped with a Gel-Tec layer (highlighted in white), this not only enhances safety while striking but also acts as a target for increased accuracy. In addition to this the inner of the pad has a domed grip within to assist the pad persons control.
🦅PREMIUM SAFETY FEATURES (REAR PADDING, TRAINAGULAR WRIST SUPPORT & OPTIMAL PADDING DEPTHS THROUGHOUT): Premium features that increase and promote safety while training hard. The rear padding helps protects the pad person from unnecessary injury. The triangular wrist support assists the stability of the pad by lending support under high pressure. Padding depth is set to a safe 50mm and the Gel-Tec target is an additional 5mm on top.
🦅ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT TO ENHANCE REPOSTIONING SPEEDS: Each individual pad weighs 285g therefore a set of pads weights 570g. This is extremely important to ensure that both athletes can get the most out of training while remaining safe. A decrease in pad weight allows the pad person to reposition pads quicker and reduces the energy spent holding and repositioning the pads, therefore athletes are able to train harder for longer.

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Multi Layered V-Impact Design:

Ensures an even strike wave distribution throughout the pad. Using a 5″ layered cushion topped with a
Gel-Tec layer, enables heavy impact to be handled safely.

Domed Inner Ball Grip:

Within the pad to promote control when being struck the pad has a comfortably sized half ball to hold.
This is crafted to be firm but not too rigid, therefore grip can be maintained without experiencing discomfort or injury.

Hook & Loop Velcro Enclosure:

Ensures that the focus pad is securely attached to the holders hand, this can be adjusted easily throughout training.
Our extended Velcro strapping is durable and long enough to wrap around larger wrists.

Triangular Wrist Support:

A simple but very effective professionally placed triangular cushion at the bottom of the rear of the pad.
This padding offers impact absorption which protects the wrist from unwanted robust impact.

Concealed Fingers:

The rear of the pad is equipped with a ventilated padding system that covers the fingers.
The reason for this is that injuries can be caused from exposed fingers during training.

Comfort & Hygiene:

Ultra-Lightweight design enables the best training sessions possible. The curvature of the pads promote the natural positioning of the hands.
There are no unnecessary finger slots which can hinder certain hand sizes.
The ventilated rear enables the pad to effectively breathe during and after use, this enables sweat and unwanted odours to escape from the pad.

MULTI LAYERED V-IMPACT DESIGN WITH GEL-TEC TARGET: Making workouts safe and the pads last longer.
PREMIUM EXTRAS: Triangular wrist support, Gel-Tec layer, Cushioning on the rear, Breathable mesh & inner dome grip.
ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Training sessions last longer, as the holder is not unnecessarily taxed with additional weight.
CURVED IMPACT OPTIMIZATION: The better the connection the louder the noise, positively reinforcing better punches.
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