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🦅PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPED HIGH DENISTY COMPRESSED FOAM PADDING SET TO AN OPTIMAL 28mm THROUGHOUT: Specifically designed to allow a great level of protection while also allowing the athlete to “feel the contact”. Therefore, the athlete’s shins will naturally condition and training can be as close to fight conditions as possible while remaining safe.
🦅ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT DESIGN TO MAXIMIZE TRAINING SESSIONS: The lighter your training leg guards the longer you can train. Using advanced manufacturing development processes our leg guards are optimized to be as light weight as possible while maintaining extremely high levels of safety. Medium sized shin guard weight per pair 460g, 230g per leg guard, get the most out of training while staying as safe as possible.
🦅SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED WITH THE ATHLETE’S MOBILITY IN MIND: Our protection panels are strategically placed and set to the very best levels, therefore the athlete can move as freely as possible, while dramatically reducing the chance of injury. Our leg guards are NOT over sized cushions that impact on an athlete’s movement, they ARE optimally designed so that an athlete can get as close to fight conditions as possible during training, while remaining safe.

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Pro Leg Guards- Quality, Safety & Control

The expertly designed VSL-1’s are extremely durable and built to help safely develop athletes. Sporting a 180 degree compressed foam padding the Valour Strike Leg Guards allow athletes to safely feel their kicks connect. While providing high levels of protection an athlete’s shin will naturally & safely condition. Crafted from extremely high levels of skin friendly materials & at an ultra-light weight.

28mm Depth Foam- Using optimized foam protection levels the Valour Strike Leg Guards offer high levels of protection with minimal impact on mobility.

Dual Velcro Straps- ensures that the shin guards fit as securely as possible. The first strap securely attaches around the belly of the calf & the second just above the ankle area.

Elasticated Heel & Underfoot Strap- offers an advanced fitting with minimal interference. The underfoot elastic is located just behind the ball of the foot to minimize interference.

Sizing in Inches-

Small= Shin length-12.5 Foot length- 5.8 Upper total strap length- 11

Medium= Shin length- 13 Foot length- 5.8 Upper total strap length- 13

Large= Shin length- 13.5 Foot length- Upper total strap length- 11.5

XL= Shin length- 14 Foot length- 6 Upper total strap length- 12

Suitable For-

Kickboxing, MMA, Thai Boxing, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Aikido, Hapkido, Fitness Classes, Personal Protection, All Martial Arts.


28mm COMPRESSED FOAM PADDING: Offers a great level of safety for the most susceptible places to injury while kicking.
SECURE FIT: Dual Velcro strap system securely attaches to the calf area and a 3 way foot strap system secures the footpad
SAFELY PROMOTES NATURAL SHIN CONDITIONING: When kicking your shin will naturally and safely condition.
ULTRA-LIGHT WEIGHT DESIGN: Avoids unnecessarily taxing the athlete with additional weight.
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