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RDX MMA Thai Pad for Training | L’orme Skin Leather Curved Kickboxing Strike Shield|Coaching Boxing, Muay Thai, Martial…


Made using high-quality Maya Hide leather for a highly durable and resiliently long-lasting product
EVA-LUTION Foam padding serves as an initial line of defence against shock-impact
RDX’s new Denzo-Tron sheet serves as a highly compressed and shock-absorbent layer of impact dissipating foam

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【L’orme Skin Leather Material】 This Thai pad is constructed with top of the line L’orme skin leather material. It is extremely light-weight with dense inner padding which makes it less painful for the pad holder. The built quality is aesthetically pleasing and resists splits, cracks and tear for a significant span of time. They are ideal for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate, BJJ and more.
【EVA-Lution Foam Padding】 This MMA kicking pad is expertly fortified with compact and dense EVA-Lution foam padding for maximum force absorption. Reinforced foam padding can weather the punishment of regular use. It further allows your trainee to dish out some heavy shock with full conviction.
【Shredded Textile Built Handles】 Our strike pad features a handle manufactured with shredded textile material for solid grip. The handle fits securely onto the forearms of the pad holder and allows for any easy on/off application. The forearm handle is heavily reinforced and it won’t come apart.
【Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop Straps】 Our improved Quick-EZ hook and loop offers a comfortable secure fit. The long strap on the Thai pad is bound to remain strapped on while your trainee smashes it with every strike in the book. The straps are comfortable on the forearms and provides adequate stability.
【Reinforced Stitching】 This Muay Thai kicking pad is contrived with resilient reinforced stitching along the seams that ensure it lasts the test of times. It further enhances strength and durability while enduring shock and the toughest of impacts without getting torn apart.

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